viernes, 20 de agosto de 2010

Lookin for a job & fiesta de cumpleaños.

Paloma:  mira
bueno. looking for pasionate tango lovers
ok. ese no
pero quién sabe mañana sale 
looking for passsionate creative blogger fun person people who everybody loves and make us all laugh for boludecity in the world and buenos aires reporters who doesn't study very much but their so nerds so they write very well and all, we invite you, blogger nerd a little torp and boludity who has a family and writes about them
we prefer a woman who has a gay dadda little crazy
and a really personageting mother a little susanagimenes sometimes but with a psicologishian backround and a lot of admiration for the bloggering dauther
has to be jewish yes or yes. 
its a freelance job. we pay a lot. its for a very important magazine very very important in Europe and USA. rest of the world too. contact only if you fit with the description.


Paloma:  hoy lo llame a dad
porque es su cumple maya
Paloma:  nada. mañana hace un taller de abrazo al niño interior o algo así. 

14 comentarios:

  1. Jajajaja, i notice a very close similarity to the football player we all love, the Tevezstyle in writing and espiking and you now, but it has the wonderful of the blogger boludity that we also love the bloggers, oh, how charming

  2. we magazine think is a very falt of respet the way you compare a person's way to talk with tevez, like who doesn't want the thing... boludity your grandmather. we feel very sad and hate you all.. and you blogger person, owner of this blog, jewish pig, we were gonna contract you but now we're not, cause we hate you a lot.

    young people these days ..

  3. you magazine please reconsider my position because lucila is boycoting everithing. i want the money and the europe and the usa and i'm so jewish and daughter of those that you will have to pay me a lot, a lot for the boludity and i love you a lot.

    Lucila i don't know what you did but i hate you a lot because i was going to be rich and now water in the party.

  4. i'm so sorry male but let me tell the magazine boludity manager oh what an opportunity you're missing for god's sake i have no father no mother with charming lifestyle for apanieiting doughter's career, male does, male does for eternity, please reconsider position, i wont be able to live with this tremendous tremendous weight over my shoulders

    (just laugh, is 2 mach efort saying somthing clever)

  6. male te estoy siguiendo.
    Me seguís?
    Vos tenés 46 seguidores, bocha.
    Me recomendás entre los tuyos?
    O hacé un post promocionando mi blog, en el medio de una historia de tus vecinos o perli o algo así.
    Quiero tener seguidores.
    Tengo 1 solo. Es re triste.

  7. you are all people insane

    (whhaat are the yanquis opinanding about...)

  8. Lucila, this is so over, I wanna commit suicide.

    hochi: 46 bubus es a lot of bubus
    Bueno, ya te bubeo already. Y ya tenés 3. Así que olvidate. En un segundo tutututututuurururu, te vas parriba.

    fran: insane your old womannnnn

  9. jajjajajajjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    forever ha!

    uno de los mejores post del mundo entero

  10. mi hermana es la mejor del mundo entero foreveeeer

  11. We, very important magazine, have decided to contract you finally.
    As you can imagine, this blog will have to be closed right now for reasons of exlusivity. All written letters, napkins, papers of any indole must be burned. You can't send no more sms or e-mails without our autorization. No reading in public. No writing in pizarrons or pizarrs. No being friends with that tal Lucila.
    When tantoporvenir close, we will contact you.
    Until tomorrow.

  12. well, why don't you go to your mother's shell and fry some churros?
    i dont wont any of your dirty shitty little money.

    but, please
    give my sister back.

  13. Jajajaja. El "yes or yes" me volteó de la risa. Descubrí bloguiferealizando por ahí. Copado que alguna brújula señale en sentido del humor :P Un beso.
    Volveré. No creo ser millones. Bueno de células, seguro. Cariños.
    Lu =)!

  14. Eso. Es medio cualca ser millonaria de células nomás, es como que sos millonaria pero no podés gastarlo en ropa, pfff; pero está bien, peor sería nada.
    Lalalalá. Bienvenida :)


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